pour être bien dans sa peau
To feel good in your own skin…

We offer a welcoming environment in the middle of Vevey. In our beauty and health centre, you will receive a wide variety of professional care with products of very high quality. 

Our beauty salon is specialized in anti-age care, permanent hair removal and anti-cellulite treatments. To allow you to discover our treatments, you can benefit from our small discovery care, as well as free consultations to determine together which one is the best for you. You can all find the list of services and treatments in this pdf.


Our centre includes a lymphatic drainage practice reimbursed by RME/ASCA, that is by almost all the complementary health care funds.

The Centre EsthétiqueSanté is...

A graduate nurse, a therapist and two qualified beauticians, forming a passionate team taking care of you. The centre combines a beauty salon, a lymphatic drainage office as well as a centre giving advises in nutritherapy and reflexology.

We do our best to provide the best care for your satisfaction. We offer a wide range of professional and personalized services in a welcoming environment in the middle of Vevey.

Business hours

Monday9 h à 19 h 30
Tuesday9 h à 19 h 30
Wednesday9 h à 19 h 30
Thursday9 h à 19 h 30
Friday9 h à 18 h 30
Saturday9 h à 17 h (on demand)

Please call 021 922 50 80 to arrange an appointment

Who we are

Cristina Husi

Cristina Husi

Registered nurse
Therapist in lymphatic drainage
Recognized by ASCA/RME
Qualified beautician

emmanuelle Jade
certified beautician
certified beautician

therapist in lymphatic drainage

bon cadeau centre esthétiquesanté

Pour vos proches,
offrez un bon cadeau pour un soin au choix.


Très satisfaite des soins reçus par cet Institut ! L'équipe est très professionnelle !Pour les épilations, Emmanuelle est très bien aussi de même que la patronne, Cristina. Pour l'instant, je suis ravie et je ne changerai pas d'endroit pour mes soins réguliers. Un grand Merci à toute l'équipe !
N. D.

• • 

Ça fera bientôt trois ans que je fréquente le Centre Esthétique Santé, l’accueil et prestation au top! Jade, vous mettra directement à l’aise, des séances d’épilation en douceur et dans la bonne humeur. Elle est très méticuleuse et toujours aux petites soins. Si vous rechercher un Centre d’institut pour vos soins de beauté, je vous recommande vivement ce centre.


• • 

J'ai demandé des conseils à Madame Husi en matière de nutrithérapie. Ayant de plus en plus de difficultés à digérer certains aliments, Madame Husi m'a aidée à adapter mon alimentation et à faire un test sur 3 semaines. Bien que contraignants au début (il faut adopter de nouveaux "réflexes" alimentaires), ses conseils m'ont été précieux. Je me sens mieux dans mon corps aujourd'hui et mes maux de ventre ont très largement diminué. Je la remercie chaleureusement pour sa gentillesse et son professionnalisme.  


I found the Center of Esthetique of Vevey in November 2018 and now it is 2 years that I am with it. Now it is a part of the beauty and health routine, which I would like to keep permanently.
At the beginning I was very happy to discover this center at Vevey because here there is an LPG with Cellu-M6, which is much better than other devices (I tried a lot of other devices before and they were not as efficient). When I came, I saw that the professionals working here really target to fix the problem and treat it in a best way. I started with Cellu-M6, but also discovered for myself a very efficient procedure - ultrasound, which really improved the look of my skin. The combination of Cellu-M6 and ultrasound gave a fantastic result, which I could not achieve before during 10 years (and I tried thermage, cryolipolyse, creams, gym, diet....all what was available - it was not helping to get rid of the cellulite in specific places). I see the results now and of course I want to keep it!
Last year I also discovered a good procedure for the face - meta-therapie, which helped me to restore the skin color after the laser treatments. This procedure is really good to make skin get a healthy look and removes small imperfections.
What I really like in the center is that the professional looks regularly at how the treatment works and recommends what has to be done in combination with the current treatment. I recommend this place to my colleagues and friends because I can share my experience and of course I can talk about the real results.
I think it is important to take care of the health and body, which are anyway connected. It brings confidence, at least I can say about us - women.»
January 2021

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