Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that provides a general sense of well-being. The therapist, using his hands, smoothly activates the lymph and forwards it to the lymph nodes.

The lymph is the liquid in our body where all the cells are contained. It is composed, among other things, of toxins and dead cells. When it gets to the lymph nodes, the latter filter and get rid of the waste, facilitating its cleaning.

Since draining helps reduce water in tissues, it is particularly suitable for people with circulation problems, varicose veins or varicula, heavy legs, swollen legs as well as people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Lymphatic drainage relieves the tensions and pain related to sciatic nerves and rheumatisms. It accelerates the healing and cicatrization following an operation.

It is ideal for future mothers who are stressed or have a hard time sleeping or relaxing. Lymphatic drainage calms the nervous system and decreases the stress hormones.


Le système lymphatique


Œdema – water retention – varicose veins – varicula –heavy and swollen legs – chronic inflammation – carpal tunnel syndrom– lower back pain – pregnant women – injuries – lesion – constipation – rheumatisms –  arthritis – acne – tiredness – post liposuction – post plastic surgery.

Lymphatic drainage according to Vodder is done by a registered nurse and/or a therapist recognized by ASCA/RME (associations comprising most of the complementary health insurance funds).

Cristina Husi
Registered nurse
Therapist in lymphatic drainage
Recognized ASCA/RME
Graduate beautician

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